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Department of English


The vision of this Department is to:
  • Ensure access and equity in higher education, especially in English Writing and Communication.
  • Provide an approachable and pleasant ground for the learners so that they may exhibit their weaknesses and lacuna relating to the language freely. This makes it easier for us to understand their requirements and act accordingly.
  • Provide a platform for Post-Graduate Learners to get acquainted with thecurrent theoretical approaches to literary study.
  • Provide advanced spoken and written English knowledge, perspectives and skills to learners coming from diversified backgrounds, especially those who are residing in the remote and inaccessible areas of the state.
  • Familiarize the learners with a wide understanding of literary characteristics, themes, and/or approaches.
  • Equip learners with good knowledge of reading, speaking, comprehension and writing skills.  


The Mission of the Department is to: 
  • Create a state-wide network by equipping them with appropriate study centres so that the subject is by and large taught all across the State considering its importance. 
  • Aid the learners with the confidence of facing interviews and to acquire good communicative skills so that the learners may face professional challenges. 
  • Enrich the moral and ethical dimension of the learners’ and thereby in the process to appreciate the complexity of life through Literary Texts.
  • Make the learners aware of the various nuances and modification in the language.  
  • Provide the learners a fair understanding of the development and current practices of literary studies, rhetoric etc… 
  • Provide career opportunities to the learners in Journalism, Interpreter, Advertising, Instructional Designing, Linguistics, Editors.


The goal of the Department is to: 
  • Enable the learners to describe rhetoric context and comparatively historicize and theorize emerging forms of composition and expression.
  • Equip the learners with amenities in order to comprehend the language, its forms, structure and its rules.
  • Provide the ability to demonstrate command over written English, including the abilities to organize and present material proficiently.
  • Increase efficiency of the learners so that they are able to face their future professional trials and challenges in terms of facing interviews. 


  • To develop proficiency in English Language. 
  • To impart postgraduate-level education in English literature so as to enhance the ability to use current theoretical approaches to literary study. 
  • To provide advanced English literature and knowledge, perspectives and skills to a wide cross section of learners, including those in remote and inaccessible area of the state. 
  • To equip learners for a wide understanding of literary characteristics, themes, and/or approaches in several literary texts. 
  • The pre-requisite of the programme is to equip learners with a good knowledge of reading, comprehension and writing skills.

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